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Rotimatic-Fancy making chapati in a flash?

June 8th, 2009 link to (permalink)

Ever wished to get you get rid of the cumbersome and time consuming chapatti making task? Here’s your wish come true! Rotimatic by Pranoti Nagarkar Israni is an automatic roti-maker that does the mixing, making, baking all on its own. Just the flick of the button and the chapati is ready.

22 Responses to “Rotimatic-Fancy making chapati in a flash?”

  1. Mitul Rathod Says:

    I need the information regarding Rotimatic-Fancy making chapati in a flash
    Is there any dealer in India?
    Then let me know the prices of the machine and catlauge of it
    Reply me soon

  2. mercy Says:

    what is the price of the product ? what is the address of the dealers in Pune? is it available online on which site.

  3. Susanta Biswas Says:

    What is the price of the product .can we buy it online from which site it is available

  4. nagaraja setty Says:

    sir pl send catlog pl rate of cost, thanks PNI

  5. Afshin Says:

    Wat is yhe price for rotimatic in kid?..is this available in kuwait

  6. Munawar Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Give me the details of the distributor or a place where I get the product in India.



  7. Shweta Says:

    What’s tgd price of rotimatic? How of I buy it?

  8. Don khanpara Says:

    Can you please tell me price of rotimaker and where can I order in CANADA.

  9. Afshan bashir Says:

    Plz tell me where its availabl & d price

  10. Kapil Sharma Says:

    I want to purchase this machine, please let me know the Price.


    Kapil Sharma

  11. p.r.surya narayana Says:

    May I know availability,cost of each Rotimatic and mode of supply.Mode of Payment if advance payment or on home delivery of product

  12. Amin Tejani Says:

    Please advise the source of it s avaliability
    Yiu make a day fir my wife

  13. MRINAL Thuse Says:

    I would like to know the price of rotimatic & when can I purchase the same?

  14. MRINAL Thuse Says:

    I would like to place order for the rotimatic appliance. Please let me know the price of the product & what’s the procedure?

  15. prafullagoel Says:

    excellent want to purchase

  16. Vijaya reddy Says:

    I am interested in buying rotimatic. .is it available and what price please let me know

  17. SUSANTA Says:

    please tell me the contact no. for dealership in siliguri in india of rotimatic.my no. is +919832323785


    pls send me details and catalog on mail id or


    62, Vidya Vihar Colony,
    Rana Pratap Nagar, Ring Road
    Nagpur 22

  19. Madhurima Says:

    What is the price of this roti maker

  20. Tariq Ali Says:

    an you please mail me a catalog price and the availability in Dubai UAE

  21. Muhammad Nauman Says:

    Hi, Dear I’m interested to buye ,tell me the price in dhiram. Thanx

  22. shurti dixit Says:

    Give me the details of the distributor or a place where I get the product in Pune, India. Also provide me the price catalog.

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